Lucy, go see.

Winner of the 2019 Eric Hoffer DaVinci Eye

2019 New Generation Indie Books Award, Finalist in the Inspirational Fiction category

2018 American Book Fest BEST BOOK AWARDS, Finalist in the Women’s Issues category

It occurred to her that perhaps the reason she liked being a foreigner was because she had always felt like one, starting right there in her own hometown, and at least being one in another country made sense.

–Marianne Maili, Lucy, go see.

“For Lucy Pilgrim, who craves adventure, modeling is the far-off dream and ticket to freedom out of rural Iowa. From New York and Chicago to Japan and Barcelona, Lucy finds herself navigating the industry and her power as a woman simultaneously, coming into her own […]With a last name like Pilgrim, Lucy is bound to set out on a journey, one that happens to be both physical and existential. […] This insightful, relatable novel examines a young woman’s journey of self-discovery, sexuality, and womanhood.”

–Gabrielle Tutino, The US Review of Books.

“An intriguing tale of sexual revelation.”

–Kirkus Reviews

“The moral of Lucy’s odyssey is an important one in this era of #MeToo as the nation becomes more aware of the dilemmas women face in reporting sexual assault.”

–Jane Rosenberg La Forge, American Book Review

“Is this a novel, or a long love letter to the world, to self, to relationship, to hope for relationship?”

–Angela Jones, writer and editor

“This, indeed, “intriguing tale,” is not only of sexual revelation but exploration told by a beautiful young head-strong woman who leaves her family in Iowa to travel the world as an international model, revealing that world and the world to us with poetry, poignancy, the requisite naivete, and most of all, with humor.” 

–Réal Fillion,

Associate Professor of Philosophy, Laurentian University, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

“[…]inspiring for women who want to follow their dreams and have the courage to do so. »

–Jane McCann Koerbel, reader

“I haven’t read any other novels that capture this mindset, and I was so excited to finally read something that was so relatable and honest. From the moment Lucy walked into her first agent meeting, to her first modeling gig abroad, to the relationships and struggles she comes across in between, Lucy was the friend I needed these past few months inside my millennial brain. »

–Kelsey N. Carlisle, actress and cinematographer

The use of vivid imagery and expert storytelling made me feel like I was right there, that I know Lucy, and that we would be friends. Just by knowing her, I feel more brave and light. I feel passionate and feminine. And a little more wise, too. »

–Rachelle Lynne Baetz, scholar and reader

“If you wish to buy or offer a book that’s thought-provoking and absolutely ‘unputdownable’, Lucy, go see. is what you’re looking for. When we think of international models we can’t help bringing to mind the usual clichés. However, in Lucy, go see., we are confronted with a funny, philosophical, curious, beautiful woman who explodes most of those preconceived ideas. As we read, Lucy develops into a woman who resists dehumanizing, and being dehumanized  with every bone in her body, in a business world where she is viewed as a commodity, and where back at home in Iowa she is perceived if not exactly as the black sheep, definitely as a multicolored, unherdable one. People persist in trying to categorize Lucy’s body and mind, and lucky for her that somewhere deep down she manages, against the odds, to retain the knowledge that both are sound…read more  »

–Patricia Killeen, commentator, World Radio Paris

“The novel celebrates [Lucy’s] jouissance of life with an insight and unreserved sexual frankness matching the genius of Philip Roth, demonstrating how fluid human- and especially female sexuality- can be […]  As Lucy “look(s)for some kind of recognition of her beauty”, she questions the cult of physical beauty exposing, like Toni Morrison, how the (romantic) concept of (physical) beauty is one of the most destructive concepts: as “[she worries] the focus on the exterior could pollute the interior” […] In Lucy’s persona, the reader encounters a bold female philosopher answering a question similar to the one addressed to Jacques Derrida by the director Amy Ziering. She asks him what he would like most to see in a story about the lives of famous philosophers like Hegel or Heidegger. Derrida replies that he would like to hear these philosophers speak about their own sex lives. […] Perhaps it required the guts of a female philosopher to address the call of a philosopher like Derrida… “

–Jaleel Akhtar, author of Toni Morrison and the New Black

Inspired by a true story, this novel is a bildungsroman and a quest, a tale of generations of women who dream of going, a story that explores relationships with self and others, and an adventurous saga that travels the world while asking what it takes for a woman to live the life she wants in a man’s world. It is introspective and curious like its protagonist, Lucy Pilgrim, a young woman from rural Iowa who becomes an international model to see the world. The reader follows her through the different pickles she gets herself into and out of as she is attracted to and repulsed by the profession, and moves between Iowa and the world, applying the Iowa values she grew up with to her relationships in and out of the world of fashion. As the novel considers what female agency, and in particular, female sexual agency, can look like, it is also probes how humans think and feel about sex and how we have it with each other, how we use it in our lives. It also responds to the question of how being touched inappropriately as a young girl affects a woman’s life, sexually and entirely. It is not without humor, fun, and family and romantic involvement.  Illustrations by Maili are placed throughout the novel (color/hardcover, black and white/paperback).

369 pages, 25 illustrations

ISBN-13 :  978-0-999631-0-3

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