I am home. by Marianne Maili is now available internationally for pre-order in hardcover and paperback in English everywhere books are sold!

This beauty-filled book–written in so many beautiful places–explores what it means to be home. And much more.

The hardcover (ISBN – 978-0-9996631-7-2) contains color images (print, drawings, and photos) on white paper,

and the paperback (ISBN -978-0-9996631-4-1) contains all that in black and white on creme paper. 

The author hopes this book makes you feel glad to be alive.

Here is what some others have to say about it:

Maili’s uplifting text dances with elegant and fluid steps as it plays with form and forges its own-it is as much poetry as it is novel as it is remembrance. A composition of beautiful and poignant snapshots follows a sparkling and down-to-earth narrator as she returns to her hometown and engages friends, family, lovers, and herself in the events that lead to and from it. The movement and pace sweep readers near and far in place and back and forth in time without losing them or the focus on what it means to be home. Maili shares the deep pleasures open to all of us, which so many of us deny ourselves, and she does this through the painful experiences life also brings. This is the story’s power, and its structure is supported by and justifies the author’s choice to omit proper names-a namelessness that centers the work on transforming grief into beauty. It is one of the many ways Maili refuses to let the difficulty in the story darken it. And her humor is never far away.

In this moving account of loving, being, and becoming; and personhood, womanhood, and motherhood; grief is undeniable, but beauty wins.

-Reál Fillion, Emeritus Professor of Philosophy, University of Sudbury

In I am home. I hear a strong voice, a writer’s voice, all the way through. This novel-in-moments shows us someone who moves, spiritually and figuratively. I love Maili’s portrayal of the mother-daughter relationship and the book’s original narrative structure, the attractive way it travels in time and place, and the pleasant short chapters. Some of the shortest are real masterpieces.

-Dra. Marta Segarra, Research Professor (Directrice de recherche), Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique- CNRS, Paris, France; Full Professor of French and Francophone Literatures and of Gender Studies

Maili’s I am home. is a crystal that refracts beauty, an imagistic prose poem about the act of turning heartbreak into love: love of place, people, and self. Artists will appreciate this painterly account of the turbulent years that lay behind the writing of her novel Lucy, go see.

-Terry Burns, Professor Emerita of English, researcher, writer, and translator of Renaissance alchemy and alchemical texts

The whole book encompasses a wideness of love, inviting reflections about a lot that most people don’t notice or pay attention to. I was enthralled with it and I love the way it moves in non-linear time and affirms that home is not where we are from and at the same time it is. The way Maili inspires readers’ reflections without offering them conclusions is remarkable. Another interesting aspect of the book is that it speaks to a wide audience of lay people and intellectuals. In the text, Maili tells of what she has come to see as “The American Years”. She shares her authentic self with the reader, exploring memory and forgiveness, the roles of women and men, parents and children, staying home or leaving, and how we live with and within ourselves. Her reflections are both universal and unique and while her perspective is that of someone who has traveled the world something remains that is “as American as apple pie”.

–Kirana Stover, Artist and Director of the Integral Yoga Center Barcelona Ribes